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Jewellery for #Girlbosses! Live your #lifeincolor!

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Hi there #apreciouzbabe <3

My name is Dana and I am the designer behind ApreciouZ Designs.

ApreciouZ stands for unique and handcrafted jewelry, made with love in Vienna for the #girlbosses out there. Our designs are fashionable and one of a kind.  Their colors are eye-catching in order to give you the looks you deserve. With our statement pieces you can enrich your style and give it something unique. All our pieces are designed and crafted by the two owners of APreciouZ. This is what we stand for and what makes every piece from us special.


Every smile YOU receive is our motivation to create! 

You can support us by giving a like on www.fb.com/apreciouz and follow us on www.instagram.com/apreciouz. We would love to hear from you via Facebook, Instagram or E-mail!


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