Après.22 (dřív Cech.store)

Timeless. Intelligent. Local.


The essence of style is about accepting yourself and your appearance with calmness, we believe in that. We also believe that the more inner freedom you have, the fewer external attributes you need.

The Après.22 brand was born out of the ambition to create a story where the wardrobe continues to give confidence to its owners and inspires them to new achievements. When clothing is a starting point for bold decisions, not the final stop of your self-expression.

We create collections based on the less is more principle, and we are confident that simpler means more complex. This concept is tightly woven into every product of the brand, in its construction, fabrics, cut, and texture.

No matter what choices await you today, being honest in them is so beautiful. Therefore, we want to be by your side on this path, emphasizing your inner quality with our external appearance.


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