Dizajn studio Gugadzina

hand made children's clothing in limited editions


When all the soap slipped out of my face, piercing black eye with big eyelashes and stark whites of the eyes staring at me. I screamed really and what is down, winked and quickly hid in the bathroom of my money. I wanted to run, but my legs were dug in, I looked left and right and grabbed a towel to punch the giant eye that appeared out of nowhere. After a few seconds I was again shot his views with all the words: "Luke, I am your friend, I'll watch you, and I'll play with you." I must admit it was very nice, similar to a monster and still had soul and character. I took her hand, called Gugadžina and went with her still in his children's world. Since that day, only selected people had the honor to share the view from her wings in my pockets, hood, floated through the sleeves and sometimes stopped by with my sisters and friends as guests.

Gugadzina live  and think like our kids.



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