Gaia Style&more

Where east meets west


Gaia is the goddess of Mother Earth and the most creative power there is. As the meaning has it all, Gaia Style&more is inspired by ancient Anatolian lands where is etched on memories with unique blend of cultures, where the east meets west. Every culture in Anatolia means a different story, so our pieces too. Gaia seduces the oriental senses in the nature of western. Imagine yourself witnessing each of them by having timeless pieces from Gaia in your wardrobe. 

Gaia is an e-shop run by 2 self-made women, Ekin & Gizem,  who come from Turkey. We sell various garments under 2 main collection called Anatolia and Europa. 

Anatolia collection is inspired by the ancient Anatolian lands engraved in memories with a unique cultural mix.Every piece of this collection is completely untouched, waiting for you to be its first owner. It mainly consists modern-oriental pieces.

Europa collection is a diverse selection inspired by the magnificence of the west.Each piece of this collection represents the second-hand high-end vintage items selected carefully for you from all over Europe.

We just launched GAIA on March/22 and currently selling our products only via our own e-shop. As we are pretty new brand in Prague, we would like meet wider range of target customers and being part of local & unique brand community not only in Prague but also among Czech Rebuplic. As we have visited MINT market several times as customer and experienced the friendly atmosphere there, we know that MINT market is ''the right place'' to achieve this goal and increase our brand-awareness. 

All in all, despite we are a newly establishes brand, we are very confident as GAIA to be a good fit for MINT market concept and bring more uniqueness with our exclusive collection. 

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