GypsyPete Luxury eye masks

Handmade in Prague. Roots from Detroit. Hustle produced by New York City


GypsyPete Luxury Eye Masks are handmade and produced with organic fabric for the ultimate relaxtion experience. 

These eye masks are guaranteed to swiftly take you to dreamland. 

I have been a traveler since a young child. I love to learn about new cultures, explore new areas and connect global minds.

Travel is my passion and fashion is my forte. With my mindset That is how GypsyPete Luxury Eye Masks came about. I never liked the Flims covers basic eye That Were given During long voyages. Sometimes They Were too tight, did not offer enough light for covering and They certaintly did not fit my style. 

My eye masks are INTENDED for Those That want to show their style while traveling, resting or gift givers. 

GypsyPete eye masks are perfect for gifts, bridal / bacholorette parties, party favors, new parents or a present for yourself. 

Jetsetting to dreamland has never looked so good !!

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