sustainable /natural essentials for women exploring wild colors of nature


Kornelia Lohynova is an artist based in slovakia, creating clothes and textile designs dyed naturally. 

The idea is to produce organic & sustainable clothing that will last a lifetime.Therefore I work only with natural and recycled materials to create simple & comfortable clothes, combinig different hand techniques such as crocheting, knitting, sewing , weaving, embroidery & macramé. Minding the bad consequences of syntetic colors on nature, I extract my own colors from botanical plants, fruits and vegetables with no use of the toxic mordants to fix the color. There is a very long and slow process behind each piece, as nothing can be rushed if it's supposed to last for ages. 

Each creation is dyed carefully one-by-one during the mystical dyeing sessions where she turns each piece into it's very own story. She wants you to understand and recognise the difference between the synthetic clothes with no clear history of creation and the ones made with love & dyed with your favourite tea or fruit.