Pulling down your underwear means pulling down the flags - eliminating the national differences until we are all naked. There is nowhere else to hide, there are no more nationalities. We become bare, just like when we were born.


Our brand Maszaryk comes from Masaryk – the first Czech-Slovak president who joined up two nations without the use of any guns. This very fact in the history of these two nations is extremely important and we believe that it should also become known world-wide. We would like to breathe life into this historical element and bring hope and belief to people, to let them realise nations shouldn’t need to fight. They can love each other. Maszaryk underwear expresses this idea via the product design, where these fighting countries are symbolically brought together.


The foundation of the brand as well as the whole production process are based in Czechoslovakia. Materials used for our products are sourced from high-quality local producers and are processed by various small entrepreneurs, all within Czech and Slovak Republics. Therefore, this brand recreates now extinct label – Made in Czechoslovakia.


The world is full of people that didn’t have any say in whether they want their country to be in a politically unstable state or in a state of war. Maszaryk would give them the chance to speak up and express their opinions. Certain percentage of money used to purchase a set of our underwear will go to Maszaryk non-governmental organisation. This will in turn be used to connect and eliminate prejudice between the countries featured in the purchased set.


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