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I am a freelance illustrator and designer working with children's books, graphic an product designs - among many other things. My work primarily consists of digital paintings with lots of colors. I enjoycreating characters and aim for my work to be contemporary and fun and to appeal to both children and adults with my work. I make jewelry, bags, notebooks, diaries and other products basing on my illustrations. I decided to go to an art school after high school graduation. So graphic designer is my department, I studied at Novus Art School in Budapest. After school I created online shops and started to sell my prints and jewelry in design markets and shops. Since then the business is constantly developing with new products and better solutions. I travel a lot, exhibit in international design markets and shows and ship my products to retail shops.


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25.11.16 - 27.11.16

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24.6.16 - 25.6.16

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