Seoul Kitchen

We want to introduce original Korean and Japanese summer dishes from cuisine.



We’ll introduce three different dishes.


Cold noodles (vegan friendly)

The sauce will be offered in three levels of spiciness:

1. No chilli: tomato based sauce with garlic, onion and olive oil, paired with arugula and tomatoes

2. Slightly spicy: mixed sauce of tomato and chilli pepper paste with onion, garlic and olive oil, paired with arugula and optionally an egg

3. Spicy: sauce from chilli pepper paste with garlic, sesame oil, Korean spices, paired with leaf salad and optionally an egg





This Japanese dish from rice has a cute triangular shape, various fillings and it’s partially wrapped in seaweed. The portion is big enough as a snack or even a small meal. There will be at least three different fillings to choose from:

1. Tuna with mayonnaise

2. Tuna with chilli

3. Marinated black carrot (vegan friendly)




Yubu (vegan friendly)

Triangular-shaped pockets made up of sweet deep-fried tofu, filled with tasty sushi rice.



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