Szputnyik shop

This is not an ordinary place. Different is beautiful!


Szputnyik shop is a fashion concept born as a mixture of old and new, romantic vintage and provocative, modern styles. An astonishingly unusual spot in the hungarian fashion field, where everyone can easily find the clothes most fitting to one’s character and style.

Why discriminate between styles? That’s what makes fashion exciting, combining characteristic pieces to make up something new!

At Szputnyik Shop we understand that collecting clothes is more than a pastime; it is a way to preserve and appreciate history, culture and most importantly fashion. We want the stores to be real destinations. The aim is to provide the customers with the opportunity to discover one-of-a-kind pieces they can’t find anywhere else!

Our stores:

Szputnyik D-20: Bp., VII. Dohány u. 20. /// Mo-Sa:10-20, Su: 10-18

Szputnyik K-22: Bp.,VI. Király u. 22.(Káldy u. 1). /// Mo-Sa:11-21, Su:11-19

Webshop:, facebook/szputnyikshop, instagram/szputnyikshop

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