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I would love to share our book project 1000 with you. We made a book this year with our wish that it could be a personal greeting to those who sometimes feel lonely and incomplete, like me. 

It's not just my personal project, it is made by many people, such as writer Lukas Palan, photographer Michal Ures, film actor Jan Nedbal and the whole production team (Dasa, Tereza, Filip, Voala ...) They worked with great love and effort (while asking me nothing in return) because they liked my idea, wanted to support me and make 1000 really happen.

This book and the whole project is called 1000 because the main character is a man called "thousand". He finds himself a little bit lost in the world (and life) and eventually decides to follow his strange dream which keeps returning to him every night.

1000 was here with us for long, everybody has an experience of feeling lonely and lost some moment in your life. 

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