Vika Mayzel.Jewelry

Contemporary silver & gold jewelry

šperky & bižuterie

Vika Mayzel is an Israeli jewelry designer. In 2015 graduated from Jewelry Design Department of Shenkar College of Engineering and Design, in Ramat Gan, Israel with the bachelor degree in design. Currently lives and works in Prague, Czech Republic.

Vika devoted over 10 years to fine and pictorial art and her jewelry is linked with artistic foundation in details, search of new forms and smoothness of the lines. This dialogue of jewelry and world of art is running continuously. She creates contemporary jewelry pieces, finding a perfect balance between ever trendy minimalism and tribal aesthetics; between bold geometry and a traditional amulet, good-luck charm and a war blade showing from its scabbard.

Her current collection of silver jewelry is focusing on sharp lines, angular geometric shapes and architectural inspirations, with an addition of subtle textures to accentuate the characteristics of the individual pieces.


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