Israel on the river

Strelecky island

Discover Israel through its culture, food and fun. Experience Israel on the Vltava River!

The second Israel on the river will take place on May 21 at the Strelecky island. Enjoy authentic Israeli cuisine or hire a blanket and picnic by the riverside. Experience a truly inspirational weekend filled with music, theater, workshops and talks. Take the opportunity to play backgammon or try the real beach matkot. We will also provide many fun activities for kids.

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At the same time, you can support local manufacturers of designer items, delicacies, fashion and accessories with Israeli roots. Enjoy them outdoors at a green beautiful place on the Vltava river.


Performance by children from the Lauder Schools MUSIC
Jewish songs and a dance performance to the tunes of Israeli popular songs. The Lauder Schools Choir under the direction of Helena Ester Divecka and the Lauder Schools Dance Ensemble under the direction of Omer Tal.

Dance workshop of Israeli folk dances performed by the Besamim group WORKSHOP
Besamim was founded in 1995 and holds regular Israeli folk dance classes in Prague. At the festival you can enjoy a short demonstration of folk dances including the opportunity to learn a few steps and dance with the group.

Krav Maga, loosely translated from Hebrew as close combat, is currently considered one of the most effective self-defense and tactical systems in the world. There will be a short demonstration followed by an opportunity to try self-defense with the instructors.

Shiran Choir MUSIC
The Shiran choir is a representative choir of the conservatory in Akko, which has been operating for 30 years. During his existence, he performed at many concerts not only in Israel, but also in the USA and Europe. The members of the choir are young Jewish and Arab women, led by conductor Luba Alexandrovič.  

Singer and songwriter Ran Nir was born and raised in Jerusalem. His musical journey began in the streets of the city, where he discovered a wide range of musical influences. He is known for his emotional and introspective music as well as his deep voice. After finding a new creative home in Berlin, Ran and his co-producer Erez Frank recorded his debut "Bedroom-folk" album "Obsession", which received critical acclaim and established him as a talented and promising artist. Don't miss his live performance! Look forward to an electrifying experience, a dynamic range and a great show supported by a talented band of musicians.  

The Israeli multicultural band, headliner of the festival, plays upbeat electro-trad reggae and combines traditional musical instruments such as Persian Kamancha and Turkish Saz. Since its founding in 2011, the band has conquered the stages of huge festivals in Israel and throughout Europe, Turkey and India and has amassed a large and loyal fan base, over 100 million views on YouTube, tens of thousands of followers on social media and international collaborations. They were even invited to a meeting with Pope Francis following their cross-border work. 

"ANNA RF performance is simply a celebration of liberation and enjoyment! An uplifting musical mosaic that leaves no one indifferent, moves the hips and appeals to young and old alike." 

One of the members of the Anna RF band will close the evening with his set. DubtaZer is an Electronic music producer and DJ that mixes a brew of Glitch//Bass with a wide pallet.  


Meditation Circle: Independence-Connection WORKSHOP
Sunday morning we will begin with a joint meditation session on a theme related to Independence Day. Come and have fun together about what independence means for each of us, relax, and all this in a friendly atmosphere led by Neta Lehner. Neta is an Israeli living in Beroun with her husband and two children. She has been engaged in meditation and communication workshops for children and adults for a long time.

Hebrew for Beginners: Journey through Hebrew from Aleph to Tav WORKSHOP
Come learn the Hebrew alphabet and discover why this alphabet is more than just letters. Discover with us the secret of the creation of this script, its influence on other alphabets and find out how the Hebrew script has developed over the centuries. An interactive lecture full of beautiful letters, symbols, pictures, interesting contexts and study tips.

Hebrew for Kids: Aleph, Bet, Now! WORKSHOP
During the workshop, we will flip through the book Alef, bet, now! about the Hebrew alphabet, which is full of illustrations of important things and people from the Jewish-Israeli world. We'll play Hebrew Pexesa for a tasty reward, and at the end you can compete in a quiz where you'll find out which Hebrew words you already know without even knowing it! (The workshop is ideal for children aged 6-10)

Director Moshe Kepten TALK
Moshe Kepten is one of Israel's most respected directors and currently also the artistic director of Israel's National Theater HaBima. Kepten has directed many plays and musicals in various theaters as well as large productions for the biggest TV stations in Israel - among them the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest in Tel Aviv. During the discussion, Moshe Kepten will also reveal when and in which theater performance you can see star actors from Israel in Brno!

Shemi Zarhin: One fine day TALK
The family saga of Shemi Zarhin (*1961) One beautiful day takes place in the city of Tiberias on the shores of Lake Kinneret. While the great history of the small State of Israel from the Six-Day War to the 1980s plays out in the background, little Shlomi penetrates the treacherous world of adults, his family grows unexpectedly... And he cooks. During the launch of the Czech translation of the book, you are invited to taste some of the novel's dishes, including Shlomi's mother Ruchamy's date cookies, or pickled lemons colored red. Translator Alžběta Glancová will also present the most important historical milestones in which the novel takes place.

Backgammon tournament GAME
Come and test your strength in the most popular board game (not only) of all Israelis, which is also one of the oldest games in the world. Backgammon in English, shesh besh in Hebrew. Whatever you call it, the rules are the same. And if you are not sure about them, don't worry, we will help you and you will see that you will learn it very quickly. So whether you consider yourself a master or a beginner, don't hesitate and come and try to compete in the tournament for valuable prizes!

  • 1st place: Dinner for two at the TURQUOISE restaurant
  • 2nd place: The book "Let's Fly" signed by its author Etgar Keret
  • 3rd place: Shemi Zarhin's new book "One Beautiful Day"

You can register now here. On-site registration will be possible depending on available capacity.

Here we are, Moses!!! TALK
Comic Book Guide Here we are, Moses!!! is an authentic testimony of the journey through Israel that the authors took together as part of the preparations. The artist, illustrator and animator Kakalík reflects immediate impressions with his typical humor, while Pavlína Šulcová observes the country with the experience of ten years when she lived in Tel Aviv and had the opportunity to get to know Israel and Israeli society from all possible angles. Jean-Gaspard Páleníček will moderate the talk, in which the authors will come to present the comic book and the Israeli culture. On the occasion of the Israel on the Vltava festival, the authors will also prepare a fun educational game for the whole family, in the style of a comic book.

Game for the whole family - Here we are, Moses!!! GAME
Authors of a comics about Israel (Kakalík & Pavlína Šulcová) have prepared on the occasion of the Israel on the Vltava fun game for you! You can pick up the instruction map at the info point. It is a combination of knowledge quiz and physical activities for the whole family. You can check how well you know Israel and stretch your body. You can even learn something new. And there is an award if you solve the crossword puzzle!


KOLNOA presents…Hebrew lovestories TALK
The Kolnoa Israeli Film Festival has been introducing Czech audiences to unique Israeli cinematography for 7 years. Even masterful short films by Israeli students have already appeared in the festival program, but perhaps they have fallen somewhat behind the feature-length blockbusters, which is a great shame. That's why we decided to give space to this topic right now. During the program, you will see the most interesting short (several minutes) films not only about love and learn more about their creation and authors.

Avi and Lir are a DJ couple who love to dance. They are coming with all the most joyful sounds that Mediterranean music has to offer. Both are Virgos!

Children's corner GAME
In the children's corner, a variety of creative activities and easy quizzes will be prepared to help children test their knowledge of Israel's history and present day.

"We hereby declare..." - - Exhibition of photographs on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the State of Israel EXHIBITION
During the festival, visitors will have the opportunity to view iconic photographs commemorating important moments and essential themes in the history and culture of the State of Israel. Each of the photos illustrates a specific passage from the Declaration of Independence, by which the State of Israel was proclaimed on 5/14/1948. The photos placed on 5 double-sided panels will be set up in the festival area on Střelecký ostrov. The exhibition was created in cooperation with the World Zionist Organization, WZO Department of Irgoon and Connections with Israelis abroad, JCC Prague, and the Embassy of the State of Israel in the Czech Republic.

The entry is free, dogs are welcome.

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The event is organized in cooperation with Prague's Israeli Embassy and following Israel's Independence Day.

And here you can watch the video how we enjoyed the whole event together with you:

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