MINT Market Praha no. 38

Naplavka - Rasinovo nabrezi

On Sunday 16 April MINT Market will revive the waterfront - Rasinovo nabrezi! You can look forward to a varied offer of more than hundert designers from all over the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Ukraine. MINT Market is a market with fresh fashion, jewelry, design and delicacies.

Find the biggest shopping of fresh fashion, czech design and delicious delicatessen in one day. Visit MINT Market! 

Free entry, people and pets are welcome :)

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And where you can find your favourite designers?

What is MINT? We have twelve years experience organising big markets around the whole republic. Moreover we participate on coordinating such a big events as Zažít město jinak, Prague Pride and food festivals.

The event is under the auspices of the Mayor of Prague 2 Ing. Alexandra Udženija. Thank you!

Where you can find us

Naplavka - Rasinovo nabrezi

Opening hours

SU 10.00 - 18.00

On foot

Take a Sunday walk and come to the MINT along the river. The MINT will be held near the railway bridge at Vyton and the best walk is along the riverbank from the National Theatre.

By boat

You can also arrive at MINT by boat - the stop right at MINT is called Vyton and you only need a public transport ticket to get there. The boat will take you to the other shore every 20 minutes. Or you can just take a sightseeing ride with the kids :)

By public transport

You can also use the tram. The nearest stop is Vyton.

By car

There is a public parking under the railway bridge between Svobodova and Vnislavova streets.

Who was there



Lenka Šašková

The principal of the markets, the organisation and the communication with sellers
+420 728 230 430

Lenka does not like to be called a manager, so she decided to become the principal. It is quite true that MINT is more like a colourful circus than a big corporate company. Before taking over the organisation of the markets, she studied curatorship with a focus on design, founded ÝBRKÝBL: Fashion bazaar and ate a zucchini for the first time.

Zbyněk Banán Hanko

+420 775 635 426

Banán always looks forward to the ‘boredom’ that kicks in about two hours after an even starts, when everything has been prepared, and things are running smoothly. In those moments, he can be seen strolling through the markets, enjoying the atmosphere, and talking with his friends selling their products and trying to figure out what else they could do together. But sometimes even he hides in the backstage and simply spends his time reading or sleeping.

Omri Goz

Cultural attache
+420 608 774 441

Omri is involved in the majority of all exciting events and cultural projects that happen in Prague and the whole Czech Republic both ‘over and underground’, and that is why we have him on our team.

Katka Pletichová

+420 723 151 417

Katka likes to stop time, to fill abandoned spaces with new life, to find authentic experience and the spirit of any given moment. She loves those relaxing times which flow through our lives and when people are so close to each other that they need nothing else than just being. That is why she takes part in organising markets during which it is possible to create such atmosphere.

Adéla Štěpánková

Public relations
+420 739 218 359

Adéla hlavně komunikuje, postuje, kliká, tvoří a na všechno si dělá tabulky, což je asi tak jediná známka toho, že má původně vystudovanou ekonomku. U nás má na starosti Facebook a kontakt s médii i partnery.

Klára Vernarcová

Instamanager & photographer
+420 605 865 386

Klara is like a fish in water on Instagram. She has been crawling in it since its foundation and she also studied marketing. He prefers to catch moments, emotions and especially smiles with a camera. And there are countless of them at MINT :)